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25 Best-Selling Amazon HOME & ORGANIZATION!


25 Best-Selling Amazon HOME & ORGANIZATION!

25 BEST-SELLING Amazon HOME & ORGANIZATION!  For links to everything mentioned and shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!  This is NOT sponsored!

In this video, I share 25 BEST-SELLING Amazon home, home decor, organization, office, closet and kitchen items!!  All are highly top-rated & best-selling...everything is available with Amazon Prime shipping too!  Everything is linked below according to the number listed on screen  


hello everyone today i am sharing 25 of

the best amazon home products and we're

covering everything from home decor

organizational items totally random

things you've probably never even seen

before kitchen items and as i go along

everything will be linked according to

the number that you see on the screen so

you can just kind of write down your

favorite numbers and then everything

will be linked down below in the

description box according to that number

so it makes it really easy to shop if

you want to check anything out further

and i'll also link my amazon storefront

where i kind of link all of my favorite

amazon products according to category so

you can follow me there as well but

let's get started up first we have this

sunglasses display stand which i just

love because it kind of serves two

purposes not only does it serve as an

organizational item where it just keeps

all of your sunglasses in one spot or at

least at least six of them um you could

also get a second one and kind of like

angle them but it also serves as a decor

piece it kind of makes your space look

like a boutique so i love it sometimes

i'm not a fan of acrylic items but this

one looks really high-end it's just

really well done and you can keep it in

your closet you could keep it on a shelf

you could keep it in your bedroom and

then before you leave the house you can

go see your little selection and like

pick the one that fits best with your

outfit i just love it and it's really

well priced going along a similar line i

recently purchased this little divider

which i honestly don't know the exact

purpose of it but i purchased it to kind

of keep my clutches and my small pouches

and purses

all together and i can fit a lot more in

here than what i'm even showing you can

kind of just like line them up and then

you know put it again on a shelf or

maybe in a little

cabinet somewhere and it just keeps

again everything in one place everything

has a home and you can actually see what

you have this next thing is so cool i

know it doesn't look that cool but it's

kind of going again along with

displaying things and making your space

kind of look like a boutique it's a

purse stand and it's totally adjustable

i got mine in kind of like this chrome

silver but i'm gonna also link some gold

options because i know that some people

might prefer that i might prefer that i

don't know um but anyway this is so cool

you can adjust it to whatever height you

want and then you can hang your handbag

on it and it literally looks like you

are shopping in a department store so it

does come in a pack of two and for like

even like tote bags smaller bags you can

use it for whatever and it's it's i

don't know i just love it so much and

it's just like one of my most favorite

things that i've recently purchased next

we have this weird looking thing it's

one of those products that like again it

looks weird but it actually works it's a

pants hanger so you hang your pants i

hang my dress pants and my skirts uh you

can easily see everything it kind of

spaces them out but when you're not

using it you just unhook the one side

and then it displays them vertically so

you save a lot of space so hopefully

you're seeing me kind of use it in the

footage here i love it i have multiple

ones of these upstairs um this one i am

probably going to use in my basement uh

downstairs or josh honestly josh think

about these for your husbands too or

your boyfriends i'll give this to josh

next let's talk about some easy stylish

home decor that you can add to your home

and these are bunny tails i really like

them they're so they're just so cute

they're really well priced they come in

a huge pack

i actually have a whole other pack that

i haven't even used in my dining room

like it literally comes with a lot you

can add them to like any old vase you

have you can put them in your entryway

your your living room your bedroom you

can i don't know they're real too like

they're just dried out bunny tails so

some people hate faux plants and faux


but this is like a natural element that

you can add to your home now in that

footage you probably saw some home decor

books or coffee table books and i have

about five that i love and i kind of use

to display around my home so first up uh

the ones you just saw were made for

living and live beautiful and i just

think they are stunning together you can

you know put them on a shelf or or put

like vases on top of them or stack them

this way they just they're super nice

and then there are all color photos

inside like you really can get some

amazing style and design ideas now if

you're into more of the luxury designer

vibe these are also really good to

consider um the bottom ones the louis

vuitton coffee table book this was not

cheap all the other ones i feel like are

pretty darn well priced but this was

expensive but it's so big it's so thick

it goes through the full history of the

brand um so i do love this and i kind of

splurged on it to kind of maybe display

a handbag on it or something um but i


love the chanel coffee table book it's

so beautiful i love the spine of it as

well you can do so much you can put it

again on your coffee table or put it you

know other places around your house and

i also love this which it's the elements

of style this is very very very

affordable um and again i love the way

it looks but again it gives you so many

like legitimately good ideas of how to

style your house up next we have the

faux marble table that you may have seen

in some of the footage here uh i love it

it is faux marble i had a real marble

accent table before and i hated it it

was awful this one is more lightweight

but honestly it feels a lot more sturdy

so if you've been in the market for an

accent table or an end table this one

looks beautiful next you're not gonna

really see any b-roll footage of this in

my home because i just got these i just

really love the vibe of them i just

don't know where to put them yet so it's

one of those purchases but nevertheless

i do really really like them i bought

the white one in like the larger size

and a black one in the smaller size you

could get it all in white or all in

black or the same sizes or different

sizes i don't know um they're just

really cute and yeah i don't know

they're hollow but also real vases you

could stick something i don't think you

should i don't think you should stick it

i think you just just display them next

up we have this wall file organizer i

just love it and i okay first off i

found it because i wanted a specific

spot for my kids to come home and put

their school papers their homework their

folders so i labeled each of them with

their names so one is paxton's one is

haze i ended up getting the three pack

um so that's why i have this extra one

but you can get it in silver white or

black and i feel like it would just be

great for so many people for different

reasons again if you have kids that

would be great you could also put it

maybe in your entryway

for mail or magazines or newspapers you

can put it in your office for different

files uh you can connect them so it's

all vertical it's just i don't know it's

like a really good way to kind of

organize things and get rid of some

paper clutter all right i feel like i've

definitely shared this in a prior video

i'm sorry this is a repeat it's just

such a good home product so it's a

battery organizer it fits perfectly in

your drawer and there is a specific spot

for basically every type of battery and

you can kind of just you know stock up

you know exactly where it is and then

also it comes with a really handy uh

battery tester so anytime you're like

confused like say the remote's not

working right you can actually pull out

the battery and test this and it will

tell you if it's full or if it's low or

if it's time to replace the battery uh

so anyway love this thing so

so much next up we have this phillips

smart sleep wake up light uh honestly

this thing is magical i had no idea that

i was going to love it as much as i do

i'm telling it real it really is magical

it does so many things but the re the

way that i like to use it uh you can set

your alarm and it will slowly over like

a a longer period of time kind of you

know increase the intensity of the light

um and you're probably going to see it

kind of sped up over time here in this

clip uh and if you're noticing it kind

of flashing it's just because of the

camera in real life it's a very very

smooth transitional light and it gets

really bright it starts to play

different sounds to wake you up i love

the bird uh sound it kind of just sounds

like nature outside and you just

naturally wake up it's so freaking cool

you can also set this to be kind of like

a sunset so you can kind of be reading

with it beside your bed and then it will

slowly start to get dimmer and it just

makes you feel tired um there's

different sounds and simulations it's

just so cool definitely look into this

speaking of lights i wanted to share

this rechargeable light bulb this

actually comes in a four pack and it's

so interesting it just works by like

touching the top of it and okay the

reason i even found it though or wanted

to buy it is because i have different

lamps around my home where i i don't

actually want to plug in the lamp which

sounds really weird but you know how

sometimes the

the plug is like so far away and then

you have to have the cord it just looks

ugly and so i sometimes want to have a

lamp but not really plug it in and just

kind of it just just what you can do is

just take this uh it comes with these

little hooks if you want to use the

hooks and then turn it on and then

literally hang the bulb inside the lamp

so you still get that same lit up vibe

but just no cords

and then if you do want to recharge it

back up all you do is actually screw it

directly into a regular lamp or light

socket and plug it in and it charges it

right back up like it's i don't know

i've just like never seen anything like

this before and it's just it's so cool

next up we have the levoit home air

purifier so if you've been in the market

for a good air purifier this is the one

i love it um i've had it for about five

months it definitely works and i know it

because i ended up ordering it for my

son's room whose bedroom is right above

this secondary garage that we have and

josh works on all kinds of stuff and i

could just smell things coming up

through his in his room and it just

wasn't good so i ended up getting this

and it worked instantly so i i know it's

a good one um and it has different

levels and speeds it's not too loud you

know for sleeping it is a smart purifier

so you can connect it to alexa or an app

if you want i don't know it just works

really well the price is good and it

looks really pretty too moving along to

other things that kind of clean and

purify the air i also really recommend

these charcoal bags which i had like a

similar thing probably like four years

ago and they did work pretty well these

are so much better though um i think

it's i think it must be the charcoal but

you can put these in different places in

your home and it really just sucks out

the odor

it just it's so cool so some people put

this in their refrigerator some people

put this in their gym bag you could

actually put it in a handbag um that's

what i used to like i would buy these

like old vintage bags and then kind of

come with like a musty smell and i would

stick one of these bags in and it would

kind of suck the the bad odor out but

again this works a lot better you can

even put this in your car that's what i

did i think this is so much better than

those kind of nasty chemical bombs the

air fresheners that people put in their

car this is a much better option you can

also even hang it different places too

this next item is super random but super

cool it's actually a small portable

rechargeable fan now the reason i like

to have it and the reason i bought it is

because when i am

uh doing my makeup and i want to put on

a serum or i want to put on a primer or

a loaf like a face cream and i want it

to dry first i can just turn this on

there's different levels and i can like

dry my face lickety-split and so i

actually just keep it like by my makeup

but other people might like it for

travel uh it's really small and compact

and you just you just charge it all up

in and you're good to go so i am sure

you have seen other products like this

before uh it's like a coffee or mug

warmer and i've had them in the past too

and i've gotten rid of them because they

just don't ever really work as well as i

wanted them to but i've i've just been

seeing so many people talk about how

well this one works so i ended up

ordering it and by golly it works really

well so anyway it actually has three

temperature settings i always use the

hottest one but it is like a touch

screen and it does have a four hour

automatic shut off so it does give me

peace of mind uh but i just love

drinking my coffee in front of my

computer every morning so i just make

sure that my coffee is hot when i start

and it keeps it hot and it also does

come in white and black and pink and

blue and wood like a wooden color like

you can really just match your space

perfectly up next we have two different

things which i guess i'll have two

numbers on the screen for this because

one is the natural bristle dish brushes

um and then the other item is this clay

bowl jar thing that i love to put beside

my sink so i totally saw this on someone

else's amazon live which follow me on

amazon i'll link my storefront below i

go live on amazon two to three times a

week uh so i was watching someone else's

and she recommended these and i love

them so again they are natural bristled

uh dish brushes which work really well

but honestly they're just aesthetically

pleasing they're so stylish looking and

then she bought this clay bowl to put

beside the sink just to have everything

in there it just looks really nice

beside your sink you could also put it

in the bathroom and this is the largest

size it also comes in a smaller version

as well so this is a little heavy um

it's my cuisinart

knife set uh block knife set and

honestly i've had this for a long time

but i just keep getting questions about

it like people seem to be intrigued by

this because let's be honest like i feel

like it's just like a much nicer looking

knife set than a lot of the ones out

there uh it's just lighter it's white it

just looks good in kitchens and it

really is like good quality like the

knives are sharp uh i just i really

really like this a lot uh and it's it's

very well priced too so definitely

something to keep in mind it can kind of

just update your your space a little bit

ramekins guys do you have ramekins i'm

sure a lot of you do but a lot of you

don't uh i didn't for the longest time

and if you don't know what these are

they're basically like oven safe bowls

so you can make

delicious little things in here like i

make this really good cookie oatmeal

bake it's like no sugar other than half

a banana i'll put the recipe down below

you're seeing me make it here probably

you can make souffles like egg things

this is the eight ounce size you can get

them smaller or bigger i'll link these

exact ones below uh but it does come in

a six pack but i'm telling you guys

if you don't have them i feel i feel

like you need them i also wanted to

share these glass airtight containers

which i saw this hack when i'm gonna

show you a hack i saw it on tik tok i

saw brittany vassar do it and i was just

like oh my gosh so i ended up ordering

them for fruit obviously you can put

rice you can put flour you can use them

for whatever but fruit

game changing so in this footage you're

seeing strawberries that i purchased

about two weeks ago i purchased two

packs same brand one pack i put in the

fridge the other i put the strawberries

in these glass airtight containers and

as you can see the ones in the container

from the store are rotten there's mold

all over them these are still going

strong and honestly i filmed that

footage like four days ago and they are

still super fresh strawberries

definitely something to consider get

these and put your fruit in them oh and

just in case anyone's wondering i still

do keep the jar in the fridge since

we're talking about fruit we need to

talk about fruit flies because man i am

experienced in this in this situation i

have had so many fruit flies this year

so many more for us than in my entire

life i don't understand what's going on

um but i finally conquered the fruit

flies and it's because of this it is ant

fanny's fly punch fruit fly trap and

before i even suggest i've tried the

dawn dish soap the vinegar i've tried

the little like the things from lowe's

and home depot the fly paper and the

trap like i've tried so many things none

of it worked except for this and warning

there's probably i'm gonna show you the

bugs there's so many bugs in here all

you do it's so easy you literally just

get this you pop it open you put it in

your kitchen wherever the fruit flies

are like flying around and they are so

attracted to this and they die there's

so many in there

and it's only 7.99 if you are somebody

that loves avocados you need this tool

it's actually worth it every like inch

of it has a purpose so anyway you just

uh you know you can slice the avocado

open it's really sharp but also like not

sharp i don't know it's interesting and

then the pit you just stick it in here

twist it pulls the pit right out and

then this end you can just slide uh out


the the avocado and it's automatically

sliced and again you can make guacamole

toast uh you can put it on bread

whatever salt and pepper is like oh so

delicious this is just it's like a handy

tool now this is the king of all kitchen

gadgets it's the veggie chopper it is so

best selling so just

so raved about and that's why i ordered

it and i

highly recommend this thing you

can chop so many things i'm like i said

i make guacamole i make omelettes i make

chopped salads you can put so many

veggies in here and then put like just

dump it all over your salad and have

like an expensive looking delicious

salad it works so well there's like

barely any pieces to it so it's really

easy to clean this is super sharp it's

so inexpensive i'm telling you like i

don't remember the exact it's like under

20 bucks it's it's awesome if you have

been wanting to maybe replace or even

just purchase glass storage containers

for your food i really recommend the

ello brand i've tried out a lot on

amazon a lot of them are good but i just

consistently like these are just the

best um so they are they're glass which

is beneficial for your food and for your

health it doesn't leach out the the

chemicals from the plastic also they

stack really nicely they seal really

nicely they just feel really high

quality they have different colors you

can pick um they're a little bit pricey

but they're gonna last you for years and

years and years and like i said they

just work so

well so that does it for this video i

hope you enjoyed it it'll all be linked

down below in the description box if you

happen to be new consider maybe

subscribing and maybe giving this video

a thumbs up but thanks for watching and

i'll see you soon bye