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Ten real giants you won't believe they really exist

Ten real giants you will not believe they are already there!

# Andre the Giant

Andrei Rosimov
Known as André the Giant, a French wrestler started to appear from a young age, reaching 6 and 4 feet in ten feet.
It weighs a hundred and ten kilograms at the age of twelve years only
At the age of 18 he moved to a wrestling arts school in Paris and later became one of the wrestling legends throughout its history.
He was the most prominent superstar in the 1970s in the WWF union
 Who is currently wwe
Andrei won the hearts and love of the masses in the seventies and the end of the eighties and died in 1993 following an acute heart attack
Where he had heart problems

Sultan Kuzn

Turkish basketball player Sultan Kuzun has a length of two meters and forty-nine centimeters
He is the world's tallest man since 2009, according to the Guinness Book of Records
It is also classified as the largest debtor in the world
As the length of his hand from the wrist to the end of the fingers 27 and half cm
As for his shoes, it reaches a length of 60 cm

Murtaza Mehrazad

Morteza Mehrezad is the tallest man in Iran with a length of two meters and 42 cm and he suffers from a defect in the pituitary glands that secrete the growth hormone significantly
This is what made him reach this length, as well as led to an abnormal growth of hands, feet and face
And when he was sixteen years old, he had a car accident
It resulted in stunted growth in his right foot, which is about 15 cm shorter than his left foot

 Igor Vovkovsky

An American actor and law student in the United States knows that he is the tallest person to live in America with a super length of 235 cm

Igor! He is of Ukrainian descent and moved to the United States since he was seven years old

 Sun Mingming

In 2005 a Chinese basketball player, a pituitary tumor, caused an increase in his growth hormone secretion
In the same world, he joined the National Basketball Association in the United States of America
Sun Ming has appeared on many TV shows and played one of the roles in "Rush Hour 3" with actor Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Sajjad Gharibi

Iranian wrestler Sajjad Gharibi, nicknamed 24-year-old hulk iran, is one of the well-known figures on social media in Iran.

He turned to a star due to the enormity of his body, as his number of followers reached 60,000 on Instagram, which made him a source of rumors.
It has been said that he is one of the outlaw thugs while others have claimed that he is fighting against ISIS while some have called him the Islamic State
And the claim that he joined the ranks of ISIS, but the fact is that he has not left Iran yet

 Ibrahim Taqi Allah

Moroccan Ibrahim Taqi Allah is the second tallest man in the world
He also holds the title of the longest-footed in the world, with a left foot length of 1 foot and 3 inches
As for his right foot, it is 1 foot, two inches, and 70 by ten inches
As for its length, it reaches 246 cm. This is due to the same reason that afflicted all giants in the world, which is the disorder that affected the pituitary gland or the so-called enlarged limb.

He is currently undergoing treatment in France to reduce the tumor that affected the pituitary gland

Robert Wadlow
The tallest person in recorded history, and is known as the giant Eli Noi due to the state of Illinois in the United States of America, where he was born and was two meters and 72 cm long
He died at the age of 22 and that in 1940 and his coffin carried 12 people

The Guinness Book of Records declared that he is the tallest man in the world in history and still holds this title

 Joelson Fernandes da Silva

The Brazilian Da Silva, 29, was forced out of school due to numerous harassment due to his unusual height
Then he decided to stay at home for years

Doctors were able to discover the secret to its excess growth due to the presence of a benign tumor in the pituitary gland, which caused the production of unlimited amounts of growth hormone
Joelson agreed to have a tumor removal operation in 2007 after he was dismissive, and the success of the operation helped slow its growth.

But it increased about 10 centimeters to reach the current length, which is two meters and 34 centimeters

Romario dos Santos Elvis

A 26-year-old bodybuilder tried to resemble the movie character Green Man
He injected his muscles with the substances of oil and alcohol, until the circumference of the arm muscles became approximately 64 centimeters to become very massive and out of human nature.
And this young man may face a complete amputation of his arms
And he became obsessed with building his muscles after learning about a group of bodybuilders who told him about this method of building muscles.
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