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Disney's Most Fascinating Places

There are some places super-beauty makes you think that they exist only in the dreams of castles to the whole cities built in the Middle Ages to become living proof to the contents of the real wonders of our world.
Today, we present to you eight legendary places that are already in our real world.

1- Colmar France
A medieval city located in the Alsace region in northeastern France near the German border and is famous for the beauty of its streets paved colored gravel and wooden houses picturesque on either side of a canal beside containing many monuments such as churches and libraries and the city that combines German culture and French.
Colored houses decorated with flowers make the city as a place looks fantastically and months of the houses is a house named Adolf (Adolph House House) and are said to be the oldest in the city and its history dates back to the first half of the thirteenth century

2- Baobabs Street - Madagascar (Avenue of the Baobabs)
Street houses a collection of ancient baobab trees, giant lined up in the middle of the highway west of Madagascar and has been those trees part of the forest-intensive and have not left others after the removal of the forest, today stands as an aspect of natural bewitching on both sides of the road after being exposed to the risk of genocide after struck by lightning and hurricanes This group consists of 25 trees extending over a length of 583 feet, or 260 meters, each of which is 800 years old and arrives in Qatar. Here to 36 feet and about 98 feet high, either one of the sightseeing those trees in the periods of sunrise and sunset can not describe how beautiful enough to know it is the most important natural shrine located in Madagascar

3- Neuschwanstein Castle
(German Neuschwansteinstraße) (English “NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE”)

Neuschwanstein Castle is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Germany, attracting 1.5 million visitors every year; and the historical palace tells the story of the mysterious life of King Ludwik II in the nineteenth century.

The palace's name means "the new Pelican stone", and it was named after the Pelican knight, Lohringen, an opera figure for music composer Wagner.

King Ludwik II of Bavaria began construction of the palace at the end of the nineteenth century; the palace is located near the Hohenchvangau Palace, which was built by Ludwik II's father Maximilian II of Bavaria.

Ludwik II was removed from power before the end of the construction period of the palace, for wasting state funds; and after his death in an unknown manner until now, the gates of the palace were opened to the public.

The palace is located on top of a plateau, at an altitude of 200 to 300 meters, and a high narrow road leads to the main gate of the palace.
The palace is considered one of the most important German castles, and it has been my design in which Disney has designed the castles of Dinzi Land and Sandrella

4- Las Vegas Cathedral
The Catholic Church referred to the miracle of God in the abyss located in the Strait of Columbia forest near the borders Alaquadr and stands at a height of 328 feet ie 100 meters from the surface of the river Joethara over a bridge linking the two sides of the valley with a length of 64 feet or about 50 meters and took the cathedral 33 A year to construct it between the green cliffs and picturesque waterfalls and it is said that the story of its construction dates back, where an Indian woman called Mawya Dr. Rose and her daughter endocrine trying to take shelter from a severe storm and found the rock on the hill with a picture of Mary and then recovered the girl and was able to speak Vtm work of the tomb of that lady after a few years and visits rolled on it, making the authorities are building the cathedral in that place

5- Pamukkale - the Citadel of Cotton
Referred to as springs Bamo Kali in Turkey on behalf of the Cotton Castle Cotton appearance that it seems to earth and had known resort health since the Roman era for the content of the springs of hot water and the slopes are covered with a layer of white calcium carbonate that look as if cotton brushing the ground and include 16 bathrooms heat are It is automatically heated by volcanoes, so carbon dioxide gas will be released from it, leaving deposits of calcium carbonate that Deposition on the surface of the ground there and give it the white glossy appearance, and Bamo Kali is located near an ancient Roman city called (Hira Paul) is famous for its other thermal Bhmamadtha own two sites are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1988

6- Wisteria Tunnel
In Fujikawajacqui Gardens in Kitakyushu in Japan, there is a colorful corridor will not see only in fairy tales surrounding the passage Ckmh amounts of 20 kinds of plant Aloistiria several bright colors next to that tunnel there is a garden on behalf of Wisteria containing 350 Syria tree ... One of them has a 150-year-old It takes about 6 hours to reach the tunnel from Tokyo to the high-speed train, in late April and early May, a festival is held at the end of the tunnel. Visitors from all places

7- Iris (danxia mountain)
When you see those mountains close notes over the beauty of their colors Danxia Mountain is one of the world oddity and is famous for its picturesque colors and located in Changi Danxia Park in China and has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage but look how these brilliant colors? ? ! ! The matter returns to the formation of mountains where it consists of sand and silt containing minerals and iron. They interact with the surrounding medium, so that it is now

Now any of those places you wish to visit do not forget our news in the comments section.

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