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Beware Of These Foods - Very dangerous -Things you should pay attention to

Hello, my friends,
 many of us like to try different types of products that have been processed and are very tasty. Unfortunately 

... We do not know what these ready-made food products are made out of. And even if we decided to look at the 

ingredients ... we will not be able to know the hidden ingredients ... that is there to preserve food for a 

long time without spoiling and to obtain the same taste. We will learn about the foods and products that you 

will never buy after watching this video.
 Let's start my friends ..

 First: hot dog
 Millions of people around the world ... love hot dog ... It is not possible to have a barbecue outside or 

inside the house, except where hot dogs are the main eater. Many of us may know that hot dogs are harmful to 

human health, but we do not know the reason, so we continue to consume it. Hot dogs include chemicals and 

preservatives that should not be present in the human body at all, and hot dogs are made from the intestines of 

animals, and it is assumed that there are flesh and a group of different spices inside, but this does not count 

The residual residue from the nose or mouth of animals or even their flesh and its sale, in addition to the 

flavours that make you feel no difference in the taste of hot dogs as if it was made from real meat 

Second: Red food If you are a fan of eating any food that is red like ice cream Strawberry or cake, you must 

know that this red color comes as a result of adding dye to food. Sometimes they use natural dye, but most of 

the time they use human-made dyes. And from a few years ago, scientists issued instructions for parents not to 

use their products for food or sweets that are red, because the added chemicals in them cause children to 

behave differently than normal. In order for companies to avoid this problem, they started to use industrial 

dye in lower rates. And replacing it with the natural red tinctures that humans extract from the beet plant But 

to produce half a kilo of the natural red color, factories will need to consume a very large amount of beets, 

which often makes them cheat and manipulate as it relates to red foods. So you and your children shouldn't eat 

red foods.

Third: Potato chips Although everyone knows very well that potato chips are not a healthy food Except that they 

eat it daily without paying attention to their health, because it tastes very delicious in combination with the 

fats and oils in these chips ... but there is something worse than that. Where the potato chips contain the 

chemical (sodium bisulfite) ... It is a substance that is usually found in the face cleansers and anti-fungal 

products. . Companies use this substance to make potato chips colored this way. Although the World Health 

Organization has recognized that this substance is not harmful if it is used in certain proportions, However, 

companies do not adhere to these quantities ... and therefore they are harmful to all of us. 
 Factory bread 
 We all know that processed foods are not good for human health as they contain ingredients that are harmful to 

human health. Among these things is the addition of chemicals to the doughs to swell, which are harmful to 

human health, and the factories add many additions to bread, including extras that are extracted from human 

hair. Poetry is already sold in China for these purposes In North America, they are said to take these 

additions from poetry.

 Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world But what you don't know is that red bull contains a 

very large percentage of caffeine. Rumors are claiming that the reason behind the effectiveness of this drink 

and its popularity in this way is that it contains the semen of the bull I do not think that people will be 

happy and kissed on the product when they know that the drink is extracted from the semen of the bulls, but 

even this is not true as the additives for Red Bull are just artificial additives and of course, it is harmful 

to human health So I advise you to reduce them as much as possible

 Sixth: Macaroni with cheese We all love eating pasta with cheese Because it tastes great and is easy to 

prepare and can be prepared very quickly. Why do you think this food is harmful ?? There are cans and products 

in which pasta is sold on cheese to be heated and eaten immediately and the problem with these products lies in 

the colorful gains they contain. Where the yellow color in it is called yellow five and yellow If you search 

for these dyes, you will find that they are extracted from coal, petroleum products. And they are not 

considered healthy or delicious

minced meat

Sure, ground beef is one of the main things we use to cook our daily food

But what you don’t know is that ground meat doesn’t only consist of ground meat
As there are many industrial establishments that add other things to meat before chopping it
Where factories minimize fats and meat residues to be pink materials
 After that, this substance is added to a small percentage of the meat to eventually produce minced, pink, not 

red meat
What this proves is that international fast food companies like McDonald's
It announced that it will not deal with these factories again because their meat is of poor quality

Chewing sweet bear is the origin of most processed ready sweets
To Germany in the years 1920, and gelatin is the main ingredient of this sweet
But what the viewer does not know, dear
It is that gelatin consists of the skins and bones of different animals, and this is without a doubt

Substances harmful to the human body, therefore it is better not to take it

Vanilla syrup
If you drink anything to which vanilla syrup is added, you are more likely to eat something artificial
Although, if you look at the ingredients, you will find that it is written that all the ingredients are natural
But this is not at all true
They use industrial alternatives instead of natural materials
Because as we know, vanilla is a very rare plant that is replaced by a group of chemicals that produce the same 


the last 

Nutella is one of the most popular products that we will never buy again when consumed
Nutella is a favorite food for all of us if we add it to everything we eat
And when we find any product with Nutella chocolate added, we buy it immediately
But before that, you have to find out why Nutella is an unwanted product to buy
The main ingredient of Nutella is sugar, from which you do not want to eat much
While the second essential ingredient is hydrogenated vegetable oil

Thus, nutella affects negatively the heart, lungs, and brain, as well as the functioning of the nervous system

Hope you enjoyed the video. See you in the upcoming videos God's willing. 
Take care

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